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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm Yaroslav. I write software for a living, and also for fun, although it's not the only thing I do for fun.

I also sometimes post things that I think are interesting or of value to this site, although maybe not as often as I'd like. Feel free to take a look around. This is what you can find on my website:


My musings on different matters and some things that I would like to remember.

Liberating my X200 2022-10-23

I had wanted to libreboot my trusty old Thinkpad X200 for quite sometime. Only recently did I get around to librebooting mine. Even though the information on how to do it is out there and quite good, some of it is spread throughout the internet and didn't all completely apply to my particular case, hence I decided to write this post on how I went about flashing Libreboot on my X200.

Recipe book

A collection of my favorite recipes that I often cook.

Beef Stroganov 2022-09-12

Beef Stroganov

A somewhat elaborate but very delicious recipe that originates from XIX century Russia. Best served with mashed potatoes.

Photo gallery

A gallery with some photographs I've taken on my free time.


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