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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm Yaroslav. I write software for a living, and also as a hobby. Currently working on software for LTE and 5G NR technologies.

I also sometimes post things that I think are interesting or of value to this site, although maybe not as often as I'd like. Feel free to take a look around. This is what you can find on my website:


My thoughts on different matters and some things that I would like to remember.

It's time to use crypto 2022-04-15

Cryptocurrencies have been around for well over a decade. Everybody who's ever used the internet has at least some basic understanding of what a cryptocurrency is, yet most people seem to miss the point of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, recent events have shown us how important this technology actually is and why it is better than the alternative.

Recipe book

A collection of my favorite recipes that I often cook.

Potato Draniki 2022-06-30

Potato Draniki

A classic recipe in eastern Slavic countries, typically eaten for breakfast, as a side dish or a for a light lunch. Similar to American hash browns or other potato pancake recipes. Potatoes are truly the most versatile vegetable there is; better than potatoes only meat.

Photo gallery

A gallery with some photographs I've taken on my free time.


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