Yaroslav de la Peña Smirnov

Welcome to my site

Hello, and welcome to my personal site. I am Yaroslav de la Peña Smirnov. I develop webpages and write software mainly in Python for a living, however, I also like to program for fun too.

I've decided to start my weblog to make a sort of compendium on software/web development to serve for me as future reference and help me learn further. It might also be of help to you too! I will also be writing about some topics that interest me.

I am currently working on the site, so there's not much on it yet. I am working on getting up the site to a nice state as fast as my free time allows it. Do feel free to check out my weblog.

Some things and projects of mine

  • An information site for a repair shop in Minsk, Belarus. iloveiphone.by.
  • w3blog, a blog engine for Django, which is the one that powers my very own weblog. Github page.
  • An online pvp checkers game written in nodejs. Check it out here
  • A collection of random scripts to generate cool animations using HTML5 canvas with JS canvas.yaroslavps.com

Wish to tell me something? Contact me at contact@yaroslavps.com

Happy holidays!