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It's time to use crypto 2022-04-15

Cryptocurrencies have been around for well over a decade. Everybody who's ever used the internet has at least some basic understanding of what a cryptocurrency is, yet most people seem to miss the point of cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, recent events have shown us how important this technology actually is and why it is better than the alternative.

How I debug programs in Vim 2022-01-25

I like to use separate tools for different tasks, and also like it when those tools integrate with the other tools I use. Unfortunately I haven't seen much information online for possible workflows on debugging programs with Vim. There is information but it is all spread out. So I decided to write about the workflow that I've built over the years for writing and debugging programs with Vim.

Why I don't use social media 2021-12-12

Many friends sometimes find it strange that I do not use any social media, besides instant messaging, if that counts. Very often I find that I keep answering the same questions over and over again, so I've decided to write up my thoughts on social media, and the reasons that I don't use such platforms.

New computers suck 2021-04-10

Recently my T480 started having some motherboard problems that prevented the keyboard from working correctly. I needed to repair it, but I couldn't afford to wait while it is being repaired since I need it for my work and studies, and being a motherboard problem, it wasn't even a fact that it could be repaired, without having to replace the entire motherboard. So, I decided to buy a cheap used computer and use that for the time being.

Fixing terminal and remote machine misunderstandings 2021-03-27

If you are like me and use a not-so standard terminal emulator and find yourself frequently ssh'ing into new machines, or maybe you've changed your terminal emulator, then this article might help you get your terminal fully functional over ssh.

A Viral Year 2021-01-17

The year 2020 has come and gone. I can't say that it was a really bad year for me in particular, but I am pretty sure that many, if not most people, are glad it is over. I have never really "reviewed" a year, but the things that happened during this year got me thinking about many things, and so I've decided to write some of my thoughts on what twenty-twenty has brought upon us.

Simple and Minimal Git Server Setup 2020-12-31

The New Year is just around the corner, but there's still a little time to write one last post before the year ends. This time I want to write about my experience setting up a git server. I had already set up before a git server using a free and open source kind of clone of Github called Gitea, but there's a better way to setup a git server, especially if you just want to setup a personal Git server.

A little fun with Zoom 2020-12-20

Since the beginning of the Orwellian nightmare that befell upon us this year, many of us have been forced to not only fundamentally change the way that we go about our lives and interact with other people, but also to use platforms for video communications that not only are proprietary, but are also of very dubious origin and quality. Well, either that, or fail academically (for those still in university, like myself), or professionally (for those being forced to use this software at work). That, however, doesn't mean that you cannot make use of the situation and have a little fun.

The indentation Red Pill 2020-10-11

For the last several years I had been using spaces for indentation. I had decided to settle upon that method of indentation without much thought, just based on what I observed was the most popular choice. Well, that, and also the fact that I was writing mostly Python back then, which greatly influenced my decision. Recently however, I decided to switch to using tabs - at least for my own projects - and I am going to layout here the reasons why I concluded tabs to be The Superior indentation method.

Goodbye OpenVPN, hello Wireguard 2020-06-06

I had been using OpenVPN for quite some time for my internet privacy purposes. However, I recently decided to switch to Wireguard. I am going to layout the reason why I chose to do it, and how I setup the Wireguard VPN for my purposes. I had been meaning to write about this for some time. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy finishing my last year of university.

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