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Published 2018-07-21 on Yaroslav's weblog

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Hello, and welcome to my weblog. As you may have read in my home page, I will be writing here mainly about what I do, and how I do it. That is, I aim to make a sort of compendium for myself as a self-learning tool; for future reference, when I need to refresh my memory, and of course for anybody else that shares my interests and wishes to learn something new. I am by no means an expert, but I believe that it is easier to learn by sharing your knowledge.

I will be writing mainly in English, but I also plan on making most (probably all of them) of my posts available in Spanish and Russian.

Grab a cup of tea (or any kind of refreshment you might prefer), sit down, and feel free to browse through my weblog.

On my next post I will write about the steps that I took to build this site and deploy it. So if you are interested in building sites using Django and Python as I am, you might want to check out the next post when it comes out. You can also add this blog's RSS feed to your favorite reader so you don't miss anything.

Note: While my blog isn't so visited I plan on allowing anonymous (i.e. without having to register) comments. If I start to get a lot of spammers, I will have to turn them off until I integrate a better system for comments. So feel free to leave your comments! All comments and suggestions are welcome (as long as they are kept in a civilized manner).

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